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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  January 25, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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onto a freeway sign and stops traffic in los angeles. you see him sitting on the sign, is he just shirtless? police coached him down. it is not clear why he climbed up there to begin with. that is a good way to end friday. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first" which "fox and friends first" continues right now, have a great weekend. goodbye. >> that is not a reasonable agreement. >> just no, no, no all the time. you can't stomp your feet, cross your arms. jillian: it is back to the drawing board. democrats are fusing every funding deal the president has offered. how he could soon take matters into his own hands. rob: disaster in venezuela, citizens demanding a change from their socialist regime was the warning the state department issued for americans. heather: a little boy's
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award-winning science project proving tom brady is a cheater just days before the super bowl. rob: "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ another week gone ♪ party can't come fast enough ♪ rob: it is friday. for a lot of congressional members it is a 3 day weekend. people wonder why congress -- the government shutdown. you are watching "fox and friends first" on friday morning. jillian: thank you for starting the day with us. let's get to the shutdown
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showdown looming on capitol hill after the funding bill fails in the senate. lawmakers scrambling to come up with another deal. rob: the president considers his next move. >> reporter: that picture of the capital, looking at a pressure cooker. after the senate failed to pass two bill that would reopen the government donald trump signaled he is open to a compromise including a short-term resolution that makes a down payment on a wall. >> one thing i suggested is they open it and pay a pro rated down payment for the wall which people would agree you need. you need the wall. >> reporter: nancy pelosi was quick to shoot it down. >> i hope that doesn't mean something. >> a down payment for the wall. >> that is not a reasonable agreement.
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>> reporter: there is hope there will be a solution is the shutdown intraday 35. mitch mcconnell and minority leader chuck schumer are talking. a par partisan group with the head of discussions, frustration with the stalemate on the hill was very ugly. >> you can teach ago to climb a tree but you are better off hiring a squirrel in the first place. the trump proposal will secure the border and get government open and the schumer proposal would do neither. >> reporter: of the squirrel option is not available the white house is reminding lawmakers while they are trying to work through the process the president has other alternative suggesting he could be closer to declaring a national emergency to pay for the wall. employees will miss a paycheck for the second time today. that is creating the pressure i talked about which is at an all-time high in this tens standoff.
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rob: non-americans, non-emergency american workers are on their way home from venezuela amid political chaos two days after socialist dictator nicholas maduro ordered us diplomats to leave. jillian: the trump administration recognizing opposition leader juan guaido as president in a nationwide protest, traveling to venezuela, urged to get out. >> we told maduro very clearly yesterday if they do anything to endanger americans we will hold them responsible. we are very serious about that. rob: this situation is deteriorating fast. the nation's military and russia are standing behind maduro telling the united states to stay away. jillian: donald trump's assistant doctor sebastian gorka says the political crisis is
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personal for him because his parents fled hungary during the 1956 revolt against an oppressive regime. rob: democrats should be watching these events play out in venezuela, before trying to push these types of socialist policies in the us. >> my parents crawled across a minefield to escape the kind of system alexandria ocasio-cortez wishes to create in america. it is very telling she has related totalitarian tendencies whereby she thinks peoples will in venezuela should be ignored and maduro's regime should be recognized. can you imagine in the last 6 days the media paid as much attention to venezuela as they did to the fake news about the catholic covington schoolboys being racist? if they told the truth about venezuela, nobody in america would wish what this woman wishes to put upon us. 40 countries have tried this
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system. it has all fails. rob: the united states, one of several countries like canada, germany, brazil, colombia, great britain, support opposition leader juan guaido at this point. a 3-year-old boy missing for three days is found alive and well overnight. casey hathaway found stuck in forms and finds calling out for his mom. >> we are thankful you took time out to search for casey and pray for him. he is good. he is good. he is up and talking, he has watched netflix. rob: what a relief. i can't imagine. casey's mom hugging a first responder who rescued her little boy in north carolina, he disappeared tuesday from grandma's backyard. jillian: great ending to a terrible story. the illegal immigrants suspected of murdering four people in nevada making his first court
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appearance, wilbur martinez guzman was tracked down by surveillance video from pond shops. investigators say the man from el salvador stole from his victims and sold their jewelry. prosecutors are expected to file murder charges in the next two days. making his first court appearance, the man accused of the deadly rampage at a florida bank, charged in the murder of five women. among the victims is customer cynthia watson along with mary lopez and a mother of 7. two victims of not been identified. police say he shot all 5 victims execution style. the point is unclear. rob: migrants looking for asylum in the united states wait their turn in mexico. a new policy goes into effect forcing asylum-seekers to go back over the border as they wait for their day in court, san diego's crossing, the nation's largest point of entry, the policy expected to challenge in
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court. a private electrical system blamed for igniting the deadly wildfire in california wine country. many speculated the electrical company was at fault but the fire was started by damaged equipment next to a home. the cubs fire killed 22 people, destroyed 6000 homes and buildings in 2017. jillian: a dangerous arctic blast is on the way after a week of wild weather in florida, tornado leaving the path of destruction, snapping trees and damaging homes. rob: to the northern philly, heavy winds knocking letters off of the building. that is in vermont right there. barely missing people on the street. jillian: what you are looking at, this is the video from philadelphia. in vermont, a swollen river flooding, janice dean joins us from the midwest. it has been wild everywhere.
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>> reporter: it is crazy. hashtag polar vortex. rob: minneapolis -- >> it is starting but reinforcing shot of arctic air, wind chills of-45 in part of the upper midwest. incredible cold on the way. it will be a late story next week. here are your current windchills, 26 in new york, cool air spinning in from canada. the origin is the arctic with the next front coming through next week. past 24 hours the storm system product on of heavy rain across the coast and lake effect snow, moving downwind of the great lakes but acquire forecast before the real cold comes in next week. here is your forecast today, 5 in minneapolis, that air is cold but as we go through the next week, monday, tuesday,
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wednesday, see the pink on the screen? that is pure arctic air that will come southward and dive as far south as the ohio valley, tennessee valley to the northeast, this could be record-setting cold. this will be the headline for sure. saturday, you can see that cold air starting to dive southward-11 tuesday but it gets colder wednesday. big headlines next week, the coldest air we have seen in years if not decades in the northern plains and upper midwest. hashtag polar vortex, the monster is coming. rob: it is her fault, she's canadian. >> canada is much colder than it is in the lower 48s. my phone -- my mom is on the phone complaining dangerously. we will keep you posted. happy friday.
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rob: ten minutes after the hour. lawmakers hitting the wall over border security and what to do at the border, the crisis at the border is getting worse. we have more and more people coming into the country illegally or claiming asylum. our next guest says many americans are getting frustrated as our leaders can't make a decision past politics to come up with a plan to keep the country safe. jillian: that is embarrassing. a dance off the pair of fans yesterday. this is going viral. people want to shield their eyes from this but we will talk about my reaction coming up. ♪
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rob: 35 days into the partial government shutdown, still no deal. jillian: the president compromising again asking for a large down payment on the barrier but nancy pelosi still saying no. rob: where do we go from here? joining us is the director of policy studies for the and center for immigration studies thanks for coming on this one. this has nothing to do with congress, this is between the president and nancy pelosi. they are the only two players. what do you think? >> it sure does seem like that and it is not clear what it is going to take to break this impasse at this point. the president has given in time after time. he said okay, not a wall, steel slats, i will take less money. here's my proposal. let's do a bigger deal. nancy pelosi -- rob: not -- given a lot in that way too. >> he proposed to give democrats what they say is one of their
2:16 am
high priorities which is protection for the people with daca and even more people. yet they can't -- he seems to be trying to find what they will accept but they won't even counteroffer at this point and that has to be frustrating as a negotiator when you can't get them to say what do you want? jillian: frustrating for the public to see that happening as well because if they take a look at how the narrative has shifted from the first couple weeks, democrats were heavily saying the president is throwing a temper tantrum, stormed out of this meeting and won't compromise and in the last few days people saying both parties are losing the battle and now the president going back again. do you think americans will read through this and say nancy pelosi is not giving an inch? >> i think the american people do see through it, the democrats
2:17 am
are in denial about the security situation at the border and the impact of illegal immigration on american communities and they have no counterproposal and they are at risk of looking as if they are opposed to common sense border security measures and that cannot be a good look going into the next election. this brinksmanship is political purposes but nancy pelosi is not speaker because democrats won on open borders but because of democrats who won in red district because they acted more hawkish on immigration. rob: they are trying to push a narrative they want border security. here is some video from border patrol in arizona showing -- night vision here. more than 100 migrants climbing over a flimsy fence at the us-mexico border.
2:18 am
this is not near what the barriers the administration has been talking about. if you look at the numbers your 7800, more than 7800 border arrests at the yuma, arizona sector in two month of last year. that is just one portion. it is amazing to see the numbers. >> yuma is part of the border that was approaching operational control but the problem is policies changed, barriers are obsolete and need to be upgraded. the border patrol needs the resources to get boots on the ground and to deter migration. people are coming now because the politics allow anyone who arrives with a child to claim fear of return, and we have to let them in. that is what is driving this and those policies need to be changed as well is more physical
2:19 am
infrastructure at the border. i don't know what more evidence congress needs that this is a crisis. we have no idea who these individuals are and they are settling in communities all over the country and it truly is a crisis situation that needs to be dealt with. heather: some people say they are still getting over, some people look at it, this is slowing them down and border patrol can go and do their jobs. thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. it is 19 minutes after the hour. by now you have probably heard of alexandria ocasio-cortez's plan to tax americans. >> once you get to the tippy top on your $10 million you see tax rates as high 60%, or 70%. jillian: what does donald trump think? he just waited. rob: coca-cola taking time out from the super bowl, the new ad that has lots of people talking, stay tuned.
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we'll give you a automatic twenty dollar credit. my name is antonio and i'm a technician at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. jillian: elizabeth war and upping the ante on far left democrats posing an ultra millionaire tax with americans worth more than $50 million would pay a 2% tax on each dollar above the threshold on top of income tax. billionaires would pay a 3%. the 2020 presidential candidates is that money would go to the middle class through childcare programs or student debt relief. rob: democratic socialist alexandria ocasio-cortez's plan to tax the richest americans.
2:24 am
she talked about taxing people, if you're making more than $10 million a year, for all those dollars above $10 million you will get taxed at 70%. she is getting slammed by the president who says the socialist plan, her plan could leave the us economy looking like venezuela. >> that is a big beautiful area and by far the richest and now it is one of the poorest places in the world. that is what socialism gets you and they want to raise your taxes to 70%. rob: ocasio-cortez wants that 70% tax rate on earnings more than $10 million year. the president's comments come a day after nicholas madero broke diplomatic ties with the us. jillian: general motors shelling out millions of dollars to build high-tech vehicles which will save you money at the pump. rob: tracy carrasco is your with a big investment heading to tennessee.
2:25 am
>> reporter: general motors investing $22 million into its tennessee manufacturing plant to build high-tech fuel savings v-8 engines. this comes after a $300 million investment announced to build cadillac suv. there aren't going to be any new jobs added with this $22 million investment. there will be 200 jobs added in tennessee with $300 million investment and this comes after gm a few months ago announcing they would be cutting 14,000 jobs across north america as more consumers move away from sedans and shift their focus. rob: this speaks to me. no kids allowed. wonderful idea. >> virgin, they have a number of other travel companies like hotels, airlines, virgin galactic, space travel, now they
2:26 am
are launching virgin voyages, the first-ever cruiseship line from richard branson, no kids allowed. only people 18 and older. they have a number of adult themed amenities on board the ship like a 24 hour diner, tattoo parlor, luxurious blowdry bar. things not for kids. the inaugural cruise set to set sail in the caribbean in 2020. here you go. rob: you can enjoy your nora virus without any screaming kids. 26 minutes after the hour. i like kids. venezuela's economic stability in its most vulnerable state yet. could oil be the tipping point. coming up next. jillian: the only branch of the military with no paychecks during the government shutdown, democrats made sure it stays that way for the coast guard.
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jillian: hope you're having a good morning, welcome to "fox and friends first". the top stories to start your day including this was a boy missing for 3 days found alive and well overnight. casey hathaway found stuck in florence and vines and calling out for his mother. he disappeared tuesday from his grandmother's backyard in north carolina. migrants looking for a silent in the us have to wait their turn in mexico. new policy goes into effect forcing asylum-seekers to go back over the quarter as they wait there for a day in court. the plan will be at the largest point of entry. the policy is expected to be challenged. take a live look at capitol hill where lawmakers scrambled to break a new funding deal overnight. the senate failing to pass dueling funding bills. the white house is suggesting a prorated down payment for a
2:31 am
border barrier. nancy pelosi calls it unreasonable. lawmakers bicker over the shutdown the coast guard is set to miss another paycheck. no end insight thanks to chuck schumer blocking a bill that would have provided much-needed relief. todd pyro joins us with how senators are taking action. rob: more scenes like this are inevitable. >> reporter: coast guard families at food pantries trying to get basic necessities of life. unlike other branches of the military under the defense department which is fully funded the coast guard falls under homeland security which has been impacted by the shutdown. a straightforward bill that would pay coast guard service members, civilian employees and contractors during the shutdown but shutdown politics got in the way with chuck schumer blocking an attempt to bring the legislation to a vote. >> donald trump is responsible not only for thousands of coast
2:32 am
guard personnel not getting paid but hundreds of thousands of other federal employees not getting paid. >> reporter: it was a move that did not go over well with schumer's fellow senators like rick scott. >> they cannot quit their jobs because we are not paying them. they can go stop and get another job. the coast guard can't. they are part of the military and chuck schumer stopped it. >> reporter: the head of the coast guard echoing frustration on the shutdown. >> you as members of the armed forces should not be expected to shoulder this burden. it is an acceptable the coast guard men and women have to rely on food pantries and donations to get to day-to-day life as servicemembers. >> reporter: roughly 50,000 coast guard retirees and survivors will miss their first paycheck as they are paid monthly.
2:33 am
jillian: donald trump's former campaign chairman is due in court today, the special counsel accusing him of breaking his plea deal by lying about his contacts with russia. manafort's lawyers claim robert mueller's team used unusual methods to question manafort, insisting he did not lie. he can wear a suit instead of his prison uniform to the hearing. michael cohen will comply with a subpoena from the sudden intelligence committee. lawmakers once donald trump's former lawyer to address a number of unanswered questions before he heads to prison in march. the subpoena comes one day after testimony in front of the house oversight committee. :'s attorney says his family is threatened, he blamed donald trump and his current attorney, rudy giuliani. rob: been away the -- venezuela's economic stability and its most honorable state yet and oil could be the tipping point. here to break it down is university of maryland business professor peter morici.
2:34 am
we have a unique opportunity to make an impact using oil. as we look at this graphic, only 6% of our oil comes from venezuela but 39% of the oil venezuela ships outcomes here which means if we cut them off in some way it could really hurt this regime. what do you think? >> it would have an impact but i don't know that is a salutary effect because the chinese are investing heavily in venezuela, they likely by the oil from someone else. from my point of view we have lots of extra oil in texas because of the show boom. we been exporting that in those refineries and folks don't realize this but most refineries are focused on a particular source because oil varies from place to place. rob: the regime blaming this
2:35 am
collapse in prices of oil, $100 a barrel, it plummeted. they are saying that's the reason it is falling apart in their country. all the prices in oil that haven't seen a freefall like venezuela. why is it so bad? >> alexandria ocasio-cortez type economics. the stuff is warren and cortez are trying to sell us are the kinds of policies they have in venezuela. good old-fashioned soviet style socialism, more like -- it doesn't work. country after country. it has some kind of dictatorship, failure of democratic processes. it is a terrible corrupt place. and south of the rio grande these days. rob: it certainly is a mess. the decline happened in a matter of years was a pretty quick
2:36 am
decline. should capitalist societies take note of that? is there a lesson to be learned? >> two things. these kinds of things, wealth tax at 70%, redistribution policies, only work when oil is $100 a barrel. the second thing is it segues to the immigration problem. not just a deal is coming across the border but millions of people come into america to change the culture so all of a sudden we are starting to do the kinds of things in latin america they do in latin america in terms of public policy and destroy our own democracy. the wall is not about criminals and drug dealers. the wall is about preserving american exceptionalism, culture, so we can continue to be a thriving market-oriented society. rob: people talk about socialism is fair.
2:37 am
everyone treated fairly, there is not as much energy going to the economy. >> everyone is equally miserable. rob: a churchill quote. >> several people said that. as a consequence, why should you work hard? why should you start a business and so forth? if you are going to get taxed at 70% and have your wealth taken away? in postwar britain in the 50s they decided to pay everybody the same so all of a sudden the factories had no skilled workers because why should you learn a trade if you show up and get the same pay sweeping the floors? rob: you make great dreck up -- points as we watch this unraveling wonder what this administration will do about it. >> the fact is if the chinese wants to bankroll it, we have another cuba. >> russia and china have interest there.
2:38 am
37 after the hour. the us capital doesn't have walls so why does the southern border need one? the baffling case one democratic lawmaker. jillian: people have things to say online. carly shimkus has seen me dance, has the reaction. who's got the time to chase around down dirt, dust and hair? so now, i use heavy duty swiffer sweeper and dusters. for hard-to-reach places, duster makes it easy to clean. it captures dust in one swipe. ha! gotcha! and (new) sweeper heavy duty cloths lock away a twice as much dirt and dust. it gets stuff deep in the grooves other tools can miss. you know what? my place is a lot cleaner now. stop cleaning. start swiffering.
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we're finally going on the trip i've been promising. because with expedia, i saved when i added a hotel to our flight. ♪ so even when she outgrows her costume, we'll never outgrow the memory of our adventure together. unlock savings when you add select hotels to your existing trip. only when you book with expedia. rob: california congressman eric salwa best online for saying we don't need borders. jillian: carly shimkus here with reaction. >> california congressman eric's law well gave his $0.02 on twitter writing if you have been
2:42 am
to the us capital close your eyes, do you remember a wall around it? officers guarding it, cameras and barriers at vulnerable points. do you believe our capital is at risk of an invasion? we don't need a wall, we need smart security. guy benson responded with this photo that shows the fence around the white house trying to make a point there. john rich chimed in on this one saying i guess you live in a tent in the front yard or do you live behind walls and a locked door and alarm system? which is a? another twitter user pointing out the wall was recently made taller due to fence jumpers in 2016, the secret service announced a plan to raise the wall by 5 feet to reduce the risk of fence jumpers. a lot of tweets like this circulating on social media where a politician tries to make a point and critics poke holes in the argument and so on and so forth. jillian: heaters going to hate, they always do.
2:43 am
>> an adorable tenure mcavoy has a professional career in trolling in front of him because he won the school science fair by proving tom brady is a cheater. he impressed judges by charting the distance of different densities, he is going on to the district level with the science project and seeing a lot of applause on social media for non-patriots fans. one twitter user chiming in saying nice work, i knew tom was a cheater. do you believe this kid? another person on facebook saying looks like an a plus project. speaking of a plus, an honor and privilege that you are one of our viral topics. jillian: what is happening in this video?
2:44 am
these two kids went viral for the dance off at the 76ers game so we had them on yesterday. being very confused and not knowing what to do. >> last i checked your dance move doesn't do 1.3 million times on instagram. i say that is viral and i want to read one of these comments, they through the dance off of the century. another one saying she wouldn't dance -- and another person saying kids dance off, america needed a smile. rob: you tried to pick it up. >> i pretty much know how to do that and that is it. jillian: the headline is you are very good at flossing. can you teach me at some point?
2:45 am
rob: it bugs me. >> flossing is good by the way. jillian: 34 minutes after the hour, the 2020 race for democrats getting more crowded by the day but who has a chance to take the party all the way to november 2020? two democrat here to debate it next. rob: let's check in with brian kilmeade from lulu's bakery and café. look at all that food. >> an easy friday and saturday coming up first before we get to the battle at the border, we hear lulu's café for three hours. no reason to be worried, they are coming in later. the food is already made. this is a cinnamon roll on steroids. it smells so good it is overwhelming. this is chicken fried steak and
2:46 am
what is on top? country gravy. coming up in the next 3 hours you see steve, ed and ainsley and they are talking about the shutdown. is there a way out for the president of the country so we can all get back to work? back to you guys and don't be afraid to finish the show with a song. jillian: brian skipped the dance segment. rob: thank you very much. my mom washes the dishes... ...before she puts them in the dishwasher. so what does the dishwasher do? cascade platinum does the work for you, prewashing and removing stuck-on foods, the first time. wow, that's clean! cascade platinum.
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jillian: democratic 2020 field filling up fast and expecting to get more crowded but with so much at stake for the party in 2020 what do democrats even
2:50 am
taking -- to do democrats he taking them all the way to the house? here to weigh in his ohio democratic state senator and democratic strategists, thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. let's pull up this list of who has announced, let's start with elizabeth warren, kirsten gillibrand, julian castro, kamala harris and tulsi gabb d gabbard, who do you see take you to 2020? >> i have to write it in. one thing we recognize is the path is anybody's game to get out of the primary because there will be so many candidates. we allocate delegates, how you get to the nomination. we need to think about who can compete with donald trump at the general election.
2:51 am
all the people currently announced are in the same lane. very progressive and going to be cutting the vote among themselves. i believe we need somebody who can speak to the middle of the country, reclaim the economic message donald trump has taken. someone like sherrod brown, even to consider the gentlemen, the mayor of south bend, indiana who recently announced who is a total outsider who can basically rise above the chaos and dysfunction in washington. we need somebody who can speak to the middle of the country, who is authentic, someone like sherrod brown or my member of congress, tim ryan who may or may not be considering this but we need someone who can connect and remember the electoral map is the same as the 2016 one. it runs to the midwest and is important.
2:52 am
jillian: donald trump does speak to the middle of the country. who can compete with that? >> we need to change the math. someone like beto o'rourke who could carry texas with 38 electoral votes can actually change the map. most democrats will carry california, carry illinois and new york but beto can carry texas and anyone who can carry texas will change the electoral map. we always try to win the midwest, to try to win the electoral map. of them but he wins texas, not only changes the map for this election cycle but makes it difficult for republicans to win the white house for a generation. the kind of democrat that can change electoral politics for a generation. jillian: sounds like you agree everybody who has announced so far you don't see taking you to 2020 and beyond. you think democrats will take a page out of donald trump's
2:53 am
playbook and the republican playbook and what america wanted in the last election and choose someone not expected to win? >> i will speak to that. a recent poll by reuters asked democratic voters who they would prefer to win in 2020 and who they are looking at as a potential nominee and the number one person or persons that came in was someone who hasn't announced yet. that says something to the fact that we are looking for someone outside the box and not declared. we often point to someone like barack obama who was not necessarily on the radar. jillian: do you think america will vote for another barack obama type? >> we are talking about candidacy, we have a long time to go.
2:54 am
people haven't announced yet. there is a primary process to come, the announcement will be -- people who have already announced like kamala harris, we have some exciting candidates. whoever becomes the democratic nominee and the next president of the united states i can guarantee will keep the government open at least. jillian: nancy pelosi is not willing to compromise. we could talk about that, another topic, the president has said i'm willing to compromise and give you a down payment for barrier and she is still saying no. we are out of time, we have to leave it there. thanks very much. it is 6 minutes until the top of the hour, coca-cola taking a time out from the super bowl but you will see them before the game, your reaction pouring in on a big ad next. ♪ next sunday morning ♪ when you are gone
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rob: welcome back. the president of notre dame defending his decision to cover campus muller murals of christopher columbus. >> we are not concealing or erasing anything. it's not a criticism of christopher columbus. he was a great explorer. it is an attempt to tell the story of the native peoples which, in many way sass harsh story. rob: these mullers were made in the 1880s.
2:59 am
they are something to see. intended to encourage catholic immigrants in the u.s. now seen as demeaning to native americans. high resolution photos of the mullers will still be on display elsewhere at the university. jillian: coca cola ending 11 year run main stay in the commercial super bowl lineup. instead the company will air an ad before the national anthem. >> don't you see? difference is beautiful and together is beautiful, too. jillian: the commercial is inspired by a 1975 andy warhol quote celebrating unity. coca cola will also be making a 1-million-dollar donation for atlanta's civil human rights. rob: i'm not sure what's controversial about that. we asked for the thoughts of people. mary on facebook says i stopped watching last year not been tempted to go back. it's a sport, not a public arena. i like my diet coke. don't make me have to dump that, too.
3:00 am
jillian: good for coke. about time someone took a stand. rob: happy friday. this one is going down and sit in the sun. must be nice. jillian: see you tuesday. have a good day. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> the motion is not agreed to. >> two bills that would have reopened the government failed to pass the senate. >> it's clear that congress, we are not getting to a solution there. yes, the president is seriously considering other options. that includes declaring a national emergency. >> fox news confirmed a shocking amount of gang members from central america are crossing our southern border. >> how many more examples, factual based examples do we need to learn to know this is a real crisis? >> 3-year-old boy missing for three days is found alive and well. >> we're very thankful that you took the time out to come search for casey and parade for him. it's good. he is up and talking. >> socialist country of venezuela is in a full clasp. it's very int


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